Project coordinators and Supervisors

Project coordinators and Supervisors

The Project coordinators and supervisors are well established scholars in their respective disciplines, act as PhD courses coordinators (Mauro Mariotti, Roberta Massabò, Riccardo Ferrante), and are already involved in important EU projects in topics related to CLOE. 
Project coordinator - Marco Invernizzi, former coordinator of the ISEP-NICES Laboratorio NICES Network Infrastructure and Complex Electrical Systems, is vice chancellor for Research and Innovation of University of Genoa has a strong experience in EU project under FP7 and H2020 (in particular T&D Europe) and the active involvement in European consortia (EXaMINE), as well as in the promotion of the trans-disciplinary training opportunities (ISSUGE and Polytechnic school), and very active in the creation of transectorial opportunities for ESRs, leading as PI research projects with the main private companies in his research specialisation (e.g. ENEL and ANSALDO Energia) and the active involvement in European consortia on electric engineering. 
Project coordinator - Anna Maria Stagno (rural & environmental archaeology and history) associate professor in Landscape and  rural archaeology, head of the Laboratory of Environmental Archaeology and History (DAFIST-DISTAV) and PI of the ERC StG 2019 project ANTIGONE on the post-medieval marginalisation of European mountain areas; she has a strong experience in EU (among which two MSCA IEF, as research fellow and since 2021 has supervisor) and national projects, and in leading inter-disciplinary research groups. She is founding member of the research network on the Archaeology of commons and Institute of Advanced Studies fellow at the University of Durham (a.y. 2020/2021). With over 50 publications, she is an international research leader in the field of rural and landscape archaeology, and in the archaeology and history of commons.

Roberto Bobbio is full professor of spatial planning and landscape at the University of Genoa, Italy. He teaches in the master degrees in Architecture and in Landscape Architecture, in the School of Landscape and Heritage Conservation and is member of the PhD course in Architecture. He currently teaches methods and instruments for urban planning and design with special attention to management of cultural heritage. His main scientific activities concern the relations among urban and landscape analysis, spatial planning and urban design. Research is specifically applied to fragile and sensitive environment, such as coastal zones, historic cities, inland mounrain areas.

Giorgio Boni (hydrometeorological risk). Associate professor of hydraulic structures and hydrometeorological hazard assessment. Former president of the Natural Hazard Division of the European Geosciences Union. His research interests concern hydrometeorology with focus on natural risk assessment, mapping and management, early warning systems, flash-flood forecast, remote sensing applications to flood risk assessment and statistical analysis of the hydrometeorological extremes. Since 1998 he is participating as scientific director and principal investigator to research projects on flood risk management. He has had active role in the development and implementation of the national flood early warning system of the Italian Civil Protection Department. 

Rossella Bovolenta (landslide risk). She is assistant professor in Geotechnics. Her main research topics are soil mechanics, foundations, slope stability (static and dynamic); laboratory testing (also on medium/large soil models); soil improvement and reinforcement techniques, slope stabilization and consolidation. Her area of greatest interest (both from the point of view of research and from the point of view of university teaching) is that of slope stability and stabilization (both with geotechnical engineering and with soil bioengineering techniques). In collaboration with several scientists, she has developed a system for the analysis and forecasting o landslides triggered by rainfalls. She was recently involved in an Interreg Alcotra project, named AD-VITAM, for the analysis of the vulnerability of Alpine Mediterranean areas to natural ground movement risks. 

Barbara Cavalletti (Economics) is Associate professor of Public Economics and Environmental Economics. Since 2019 she is teaching and coordinating the Jean Monnet Module “EVA – Environmental Valuation and Accounting” - 611913-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPJMO-MODULE. Since 1988, she has been member of various research teams within different research projects financed at both national and international level and scientific supervisor of European projects on environmental valuation and accounting and biodiversity conservation (“CAMBIO VIA” MARITIME IT-FR 2014-2020 (2019-2022).  “PS5 PITEM BIODIVALP” ALCOTRA 2014-2020 (2018-2021). “GIREPAM” MARITIME IT-FR 2014-2020 (2017-2020)). She is a member of the National Management Committee for the supervision and organization of fishery of Aphia Minuta as the representative for the Liguria Region with skills in economic matters.
Bianca Federici is associate professor in Geomatics. Her research mainly concerns the analysis of spatially distributed data with GIS and remote sensing, and the survey and monitoring of natural and built environments. In collaboration with several scientists, she has developed GIS tools for the prediction of intense weather events by GNSS measurements, for the evaluation of susceptibility to collapse of rainfall triggered landslides or for the identification of potentially inundated areas. She was recently involved in two Interreg Alcotra projects: CONCERT-EAUX, aimed to analyse the impact of climate change on Alpine environment, and AD-VITAM, for the modelling and monitoring of landslide trigged by rainfall at support of local authorities. She promotes the use of free data and opensource geospatial software (, OSGEO).

Isabel Fanlo Cortés, phd in Human Rights, is an associate professor at the Department of Law, University of Genova, where she teaches Sociology of Law and Legal professions, Theories of Justice, Law and Gender. Her main fields of research include: migration and human rights, access to justice, gender studies, with a special focus on the feminist legal theories. On these topics she's been working in different research projects, and publishing books and essays. She's co-director of AG-AboutGender, International Journal on Gender Studies ( and she coordinates the editorial board of the journal "Materiali per una storia della cultura giuridica" (

Bianca Federici is associate professor in Geomatics. Her research mainly concerns the analysis of spatially distributed data with GIS and remote sensing, and the survey and monitoring of natural and built environments. In collaboration with several scientists, she has developed GIS tools for the prediction of intense weather events by GNSS measurements, for the evaluation of susceptibility to collapse of rainfall triggered landslides or for the identification of potentially inundated areas. She was recently involved in two Interreg Alcotra projects: CONCERT-EAUX, aimed to analyse the impact of climate change on Alpine environment, and AD-VITAM, for the modelling and monitoring of landslide trigged by rainfall at support of local authorities. She promotes the use of free data and opensource geospatial software (, OSGEO).

Corrado Fumagalli is an Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy at the University of Genova. Prior to joining the University of Genova, Corrado was a Fulbright Research Scholar in the Political Science Department of Brown University and a Postdoctoral Researcher at LUISS-Guido Carli. He co-founded the research collective A-id: Agenda for International Development and held positions as a consultant and as a research associate with international organizations and UN agencies working on migration policy, such as IOM-China, IOM-Ethiopia, IOM-Gambia, and UNICEF-Bolivia. His work on democratic theory, pluralism and hate speech appeared in the European Journal of Political Theory, Political Theory, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Political Studies, and the Oxford Handbook on Time and Politics.

Andrej Kristan (standards of legislative excellence) is an associate professor at the Law Department University of Genoa and its Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy. He is currently editor-in-chief of Revus - Journal of Constitutional Theory and Philosophy of Law and member of the editorial boards of European Law Journal and Analisi e diritto. He is the author of two books and has also published eight book chapters for prestigious international publishers (including Wiley, Hart Publishing, Marcial Pons and Springer) and over thirty journal articles in different languages. He is actively involved in the international network of experts on augmented democracy and the quality of legislation. In 2015, the European Academy for Legal Theory awarded his dissertation with the triennial “European Award for Legal Theory”. 

Mauro Mariotti is professor in environmental and applied botany. He is director of Earth, environmental and Life science Dept., Head of botanic gardens and protected areas, PI of several EU and national research projects on biodiversity conservation, and leader of many cross-border European projects. His main research interests are in assessment, planning and management of Mediterranean habitats, plant communities and flora, with a special focus on the invasive alien species and the enhancement of plant resources with a holistic vision of environmental sustainability.

Valeria Ottonelli (political philosophy) is Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Genova and associate researcher at FIERI (International and European Forum on Migration Research). Her main research interests are in the normative theory of democracy and in the theory of justice in migration, with a special focus on temporary labour migration and on the right to stay of emigrants.  She is associate editor of Rivista di Filosofia and of Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy. Her work has appeared in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, The Journal of Political Philosophy, Political Theory, CRISPP, International Migration Review, Political Studies, and the Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. She is currently UniGe leader Unit in the H2020 project REDEM.

Arianna Pitino, phd in comparative public law, is assistant professor of public law (qualified as associate professor of constitutional and public law) in the Department of Political Sciences. Her main research interests are the multilevel protection of human rights (in particular social rights), the status and rights of migrants, gender equality law, regional and federal States (constitutional perspective). She teaches public law, Migration Law (in english) and equal opportunities law (starting in a.a. 2022/23). She is author of two books and of more than sixty articles published in national and international journals and books. She is editor of two books and member of the editorial boards of the journals Corti Supreme e salute e DPCEonline. Head of ODIGE (Observatory on women’s rights and non-discrimination) and member of the Observatory on migrations and religions. Member of the Unige Equality Committee (years 2019-2021).

Renato Procopio got his PhD in electrical engineering in 1999 and in 2004 at the University of Genoa where he is currently associate professor. He is co-author of the book ‘Microgrids Design and Operation: Towards Smart Energy in Cities”, Artech House, and of more than 150 papers published in international journals or presented at international conferences. He is editor of the international Journal Energies, Guest Editor of the IEEE Transaction on EMC Special Section “Advances in Lightning Modeling, computation and measurement”, and of the EPSR Special Issue “Lightning protection, physics and effects”, member of the IEEE Technical Committee 5 - High Power Electromagnetics and of the editorial board of the Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (power system division). He was local chair of the 19th edition of the International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering EEEIC (Genoa 11-14 June 2019). He is recipient of the Emerald Literati Awards' Outstanding Paper accolade for the best paper published in the Electrical engineering journal COMPEL (2003) for the paper “A full-Maxwell algorithm for the field-to-multiconductor line-coupling problem”. 

Luca Queirolo Palmas (sociology), head of the “Laboratorio di Sociologia Visuale (DISFOR) and co-director of the journal “Mondi Migranti”, Journal of Studies and Research on International Migrations, is Professor in Sociology of Migration and Visual Sociology at Genoa University.  He directed several European projects on gangs, youth cultures, borders and migrations. He has been visiting professor in Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Quito, New York, San José de Costa Rica, Paris,  and Tunis.

Ivano Rellini (Geomorphology and Pedology), is an assistant Professor in Physical Geography and Geomorphology at Earth, Environment and Life Department of the University of Genova. Ph.D in Earth Sciences. His research interests are above all on reconstruction of geomorphological evolution and Quaternary climatic/environmental changes, including paleopedology- and geoarchaeology-based approaches, soil genesis, soil erosion modelling. With this object he has participated in many archaeological campaigns in Italy, studying soils and sediments through microscopic and mineralogical technics and he is currently involved in the Life + STONEWALL for LIFE, aimed to restore historic terraces for climate change mitigation purposes. He is editor of BELS - Bulletin of Enviromental and Life Sciences and author of many journal articles for international publishers. 
Eva Riccomagno (Statistics) is Professor of Statistics at the Department of Mathematics in UniGe; partner in multidisciplinary projects, sponsored by private companies or public bodies (MIUR, FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IOF, EPSRC, Fondazione Carige); her research interests are in the design and analysis of complex experiments, the application of good experimental methodologies; she has supervised PhD students working on the development of statistical models and automatic systems for decision support in risk assessment with applications to insurance and medical assessment, on the design of experiments for large datasets and in marine robotics; her work is pioneering in Algebraic Statistics with two books co-authored in the field. 

Marta Nai Ruscone (Statistics) is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics in UniGe. She is currently assistant editor of Dependence Modeling. Her research interest revolves around the development of statistical methods based on copula and their applications to multivariate data. In particular, she is interested in measures of association for ordinal and rank variables when the underlying distributions of those variables cannot be assumed to be normal. The main application is to the analysis and full understanding of complex and hidden dependence patterns in correlated multivariate data, with special emphasis on model-based clustering methods

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