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Project start date: 01/04/2021
Project end date: 31/03/2026
Project total costs: 2.461.860,00 EUR
EU contribution: 1.220.400,00 EUR

CLOE - Training to complexity: multidisciplinary approaches to rural and mountain sustainable development and conservation is an interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral Doctoral Programme developed and coordinated by the University of Genoa, as sole beneficiary, in collaboration with a network of host academic and non-academic organisations. CLOE DP is funded under the H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2020 scheme (G.A. n 101034449).

UNIGE will recruit 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs, no PhD and less than 4 years FTE research experience), respecting mobility rules of MSCA.

Combining historical, environmental and legal perspectives, CLOE training adopts a multidisciplinary approach to mountain and rural sustainable development and conservation. 
CLOE will support top-tier ESRs working on 4 closely related topics:

  • mountain areas and heritagisation processes (T1);
  • mountain conservation, cultural landscapes and conflicts (T2);
  • coming back to the mountains (T3);
  • mountain areas and environmental risks (T4).

CLOE will launch two calls for applications. The first cohort (7 ESRr) will start on November 1, 2021. The second cohort (8 ESRs) will start on November 1, 2022. Each selected researcher will be officially enrolled in one of the 11 pre-existing doctoral schemes participating in CLOE doctoral programme.

Today’s education and career-development paths tend to prize a rigid disciplinary orientation. Such an approach to knowledge is too narrow to capture the complexity of the challenges facing mountains and rural areas. Yet, bridging different areas of competence is key to address pressing issues, such as the abandonment of rural areas, fair and sustainable development, and the conservation of cultural and natural heritages.

A rich and diverse range of training opportunities will nurture the skills of a new generation of early-stage researchers (ESRs). While cultivating a stable common ground to build career paths in both the public and private sector, such a unique training programme will be a starting point for new and impactful interdisciplinary research on sustainable development, environmental and cultural conservation

UniGe is the ideal research institution to launch a doctoral programme like CLOE. UniGE is one of the most important universities in Northern Italy,  featuring campuses in the major cities of Liguria, top-tier faculty members and several EU-funded research projects. 

The doctoral programme will be an opportunity to strengthen links between existing doctoral schools conducting research on issues connected with mountain and rural areas.

2021 Call for applications factsheet

2022 Call for applications factsheet

Last update 5 December 2023