Early Stage Researchers

15 Early Stage Researchers have been selected and enrolled in the CLOE Doctoral Programme.


Chiara Molinero - ESR selected within Sociology & migrations domain with Queirolo Palmas Luca as supervisor. She obtained a bachelor degree in History and a Joint Master degree in History - Oriental studies and Social Science (Paris VII-University of Bologna). She worked as librarian, researcher and curator for ISREC (Institute for Resistance and the Contemporary Age, Bergamo, Italy) in the projects “Se quei muri” and “Memoria Urbana”. She is engaged in a solidarity network at the French-Italian border. Her interests include oral history, HGIS, border and migration studies, decolonial studies. Her current research concerns displacement and resettlement from dam-building projects.

Lucia Doni - ESR selected within Biodiversity and botany  domain with Mauro Mariotti as supervisor. Lucia achieved a bachelor's degree in applied sciences at Glyndwr University, Wales (UK), followed by a master's degree in environmental toxicology and contamination at the University of the Basque Country, Bilbao (Spain). During her studies, she collaborated with some environmental ONGs for the monitoring and conservation of biodiversity in United Kingdom and Costa Rica, and she also pursed an intership with ARPAL, the regional governmental protection agency for the environment in Italy.
Lucia is a blogger for the star-up "The Black Bag", which aims to disseminate environmental education and awareness for the general public, and an amatorial nature and landscape photographer.
Her project aims at the sustainable development and conservation of apline ecosystems and rural systems under ecological and biological point of views.

Pablo Rivas-Robledo - ESR selected within Philosophy of law domain with Andrej Kristan as supervisor. Lawyer (B.A. 2019; LLM 2021) and Philosopher (B.A. 2021). Special interest in philosophy of law, social epistemology, social choice, social ontology and (computational) social choice. Pablo is especially interested in the application of formal methods in these areas. His current research seeks to establish the conditions under which is possible to successfully aggregate the knowledge of competent agents in society (wisdom of the crowd) for the creation of better public policy.

Iram Parvez - ESR selected within Environmental Engineering domain with Bianca Federici as supervisor. Iram has done M.Eng. in Hydrology and water resources from Dalian University of Technology, China, and did her B.Sc. in Agricultural engineering from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. Iram reserach focuses on the analysis of hydrogeological risk and mitigation by sustainable countermeasures and interdisciplinary approaches for the territory protection.

Ali Amjad - ESR selected within Environmental Economy domain with Barbara Cavalletti as supervisor. He completed his Master of Philosophy degree in Environmental Economics from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad. His research experience is very dynamic and good background in Economics, Environmental Economics, Blue Economy, Renewable energy and climate change. He worked with different academic researchers as Research Assistant and Research Associate.

Rita Ogochukwu Ezugwu - ESR selected within Political philosophy domain with Valeria Ottonelli and Corrado Fumagalli as supervisors. She studied Philosophy for my B.A and obtained her Master’s degree in Social and political Philosophy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka respectively. Currently, she is a PhD student in Political Philosophy at the University of Genoa, under the EU-FUND CLOE project, working on the topic titled: The limits of state control of territorial rights.  and the community resilience improvement.

Coline Pacton - ESR selected within Landscape design and spatial planning domain with Roberto Bobbio as supervisor. She is a landscape planner, graduated from INSA Centre Val-de-Loire, Ecole de la Nature et du Paysage of Blois (Loir-et-Cher, France) in 2021. Her thesis focused on rural mountain landscapes in Ardèche (France), where the purpose was to question and guide local communities in the transformation of their forest and agricultural landscapes. Her final year internship experience in a rural French area, around the Mont Lozère, confirms her interest in working in rural mountain territories. Her research focuses on understanding the relations between populations and forests in Mediterranean mountain landscapes in order to guide them through the upcoming changes. Her project will be developed on territories in the Liguria region, but also on the Italian-French border, to diversify the approaches in different Mediterranean contexts. This project aims to involve rural communities in the scientific process, allowing them to take part in understanding the evolution of their landscapes. 

Dan Campanaro - ESR selected within History, History of Art, and Archeology domain with Paola Valenti as supervisor. Dan hails from Irvine, California, and graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with degrees in Italian Studies and Film & Media Studies. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Genoa with a project relating to the cultural conservation and development of areas within rural Italy. 

Eltjana Shkreli – ESR selected within Archeology and environmental history domain with Anna Maria Stagno as supervisor. She is an urban planner and she has experience in the community-based development/planning and territorial analysis specifically in Balkans Region and Europe. She holds a diploma in Architecture and a Master degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Erasmus Mundus about Urban Studies in Mediterranean Region in France and Spain. She served as urban planner expert in several projects about climate change and environmental approach/cultural landscape/ green sustainable tourism supported by European Union, World Bank, EPA USA, USAID, CEPF, UNIDO, UNESCO, EBRD throughout Balkans Region. Her project aims at the sustainable development and conservation of cultural landscape in Albanian Alps through historical practices and environmental approach.  

Laura Gago-Chorén – ESR selected within Security, Risk and Vulnerability domain with Anna Maria Stagno as supervisor. She achived a bachelor´s degree in History and a master´s degree in Archaeology and Antiquity Sciences in the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain). During her studies she participate in some projects of Landscape Archaeology, Rural and Agrarian Archeology. She worked as an archaeological technician in rescue archaeology, heritage enhancement projects and research projects in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Her interests include Anthropology, Archaeobotany, Geographic Information Systems, Public Archaeology, Gender Archaeology and rural development projects. Her doctoral research project studies, from the point of view of Landscape Archaeology, the changes occurred in the last centuries in the management of the mountain and the rural environment.

Muhammad Asim Amin - ESR selected within the Electrical Engineering domain with Renato Procopio as a supervisor and Marco Invernizzi as a co-supervisor. He received a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan, and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, in 2014 and 2017. He got an extensive experience with industry as well academia. His current research interests include Integrated Energy Management systems (iEMS), Transactive Energy, IoT, Virtual Power Plant (VPP), and Demand Response.

Raquel Sarria Acosta - ESR selected within the Philosophy of Law domain with Isabel Fanlo Cortes as supervisor. She is a lawyer (B.A. 2018), political scientist (B.A. 2018), and has a master's degree in constitutional law (2021). She has worked as a teacher and as a junior researcher in Colombia on topics of interest such as judicial activism, models of judicial remedies for the protection of fundamental rights, institutional design, and political opposition. She has also worked in the judiciary in the Attorney General's Office in Colombia, advising on constitutional law issues. Her current research focuses on the concept of commons as a new framework for guaranteeing fundamental social rights.

Muhammad Shoaib - ESR selected within the Mathematical methods for data analysis domain with Eva Riccomagno as supervisor. He is interested in Statistics, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Mathematics, Remote sensing and apply statistical and mathematical algorithms to real world problems. He completed a Master’s Degree from Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad and worked as Data Scientist and Business Intelligence Analyst in Protege Global, 360 Technologies, Islamabad, respectively. Under the EU-FUND CLOE project, works on the topic titled Coherent Inference for graphical models with applications to risk assessment of rare events”.

Priscilla Niyokwiringirwa - ESR selected within Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory domain with Ivano Rellini as Supervisor. Priscilla has done MSc in Geo-information science and Earth observation for Natural Hazards and Disaster risk Management from the faculty of ITC, University of Twente, The Netherlands. She did her B.Sc. in geography with specialization of environmental management from college of Science and Technology (CST), University of Rwanda. Priscilla’s Research focuses on multidisciplinary approaches of Evaluating geomorphological hazards and related risks with particular emphasis on extreme events and abandonment processes. She will focus  developing an Integrated assessment methods which identify natural hazards induced by abandonment processes in mountain areas of the Ligurian Apennine.

Bukurie Ozuni - ESR selected within Political Science domain with Arianna Pitino as supervisor. She holds a BSc in Administration and Social Policy (2015) and an MSc in Politics and Government in Europe (2018) from the University of Tirana. She worked with various Albanian NGOs while studying, promoting the provision of services, human rights, environmental protection and art in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. Furthermore, she has worked as an Anti-corruption Expert in the Albanian Prime Minister’s Office, and as Head of the Quality and Standards Unit at Durrës Port Authority. Despite other responsabilities, she has led projects in service delivery, the role of authorities, and process standardization during her work experience. She is particularly interested in political and legal studies, corruption, human rights, gender equality, maritime affairs, the standardization of processes, and climate change. Her current research is titled “Local authorities’ organization, protection of rights and services’ delivery in rural and mountain areas”.


Last update 26 January 2024